Emfuleni - Place "By the River"

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Your "Home from Home"

Updated: May 2023


Welcome to "Emfuleni", our place "By the River".

Situated deep in the Drakensberg, in the centre of the Cathkin valley, you will find yourself surrounded by majestic peaks such as Champagne Castle, Cathkin Peak, Monks Cowl and the Sterkhorn.

Imagine waking up in the morning and, while lying in bed, you look out the window onto the peaks of the Little Berg. You rise to the sound of numerous birds and step out onto the veranda where your lungs fill with fresh mountain air. While you gaze upon the Ndema forest the sound of the river breaks through to your conscious and you become fully aware of the magnitude and beauty of God's creation.

This is the place, by the river - "Emfuleni".

Contact Info

4 Poplar Drive,
Central Berg

Basil: .....+27-82-569-1014
Denise: ..+27-82-590-3932

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The North View
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The Reading Corner
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The Patio View
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The "Wood-Burning" Fireplace
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The Glasses Cupboard
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The Lounge
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