Emfuleni - Place "By the River"

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Updated: May 2023

Please take note!

Problems! Please notify us immediately of any problems or if not a crisis then on your return.
Emergencies! Only contact the Estate Manager in the event of a crisis. Contact us for any other situations that may arise or when you are uncertain about how to proceed. Emergency telephone numbers are on the broom cupboard in the kitchen.
Supermarket! Groceries, veg, milk etc is available from “The Oaks” Supermarket. It is run by Neil and Francis Lanham. Public phones are available there as well as petrol and an Auto Teller. The supermarket is located at the Dragon Peaks resort and is open daily 08h00 - 13h00 and 14h00 - 17h00 and on Sunday 08h00 - 13h00 only.
Telephones! Cell phones are able to be used at the house. There is a strong signal from a nearby tower.
No water! Contact the Estate Manager.
Monkeys! See the notes on the broom cupboard in the kitchen for more information!
Where to now! Maps and local hike details can be found on the shelve under the coffee table. Please do not remove.
Restaurant! Drakensberg Sun or Champagne Sports Resort serve a great buffet or pub dinner depending on their occupancy level. Monks Cowl Country Club have a very cosy restaurant.


Please note  that tickets are available and can be obtained at the Monks Cowl Forrest Station or the Drakensberg Sun for any hikes that enter the Natal Parks Board Wilderness marked **

** The "Grotto" is a natural cave formed by an overhanging rock which is beside a waterfall. The waterfall drops into a beautiful natural pool which is great for a swim, in summer. The hike starts at the river, directly in front of Emfuleni. Follow the path at the entrance of Emfuleni down to the river and then right towards the hotel. Cross the river and about five metres further take the path to the left. (The path to the right leads back to the Drakensberg Sun via the Lake Walk) At an easy pace it is 1 hour to the Grotto and 45 minutes back. At the Grotto there is a path to the right which returns via Barry's Grave. Via this route the return takes about one and a half hours.

** Fern Forest. This enchanting spot is well worth a visit. It is situated just west of the hotel lake on the slopes of the Little Berg. Allow an hour's walk each way. Cross the dam wall at the Drakensberg Sun and make your way through the grounds of the old Cathkin Park hotel or, alternatively follow the path just below Emfuleni, which leads to the Sun hotel. Cross the river before the hotel and do the lakeside walk to the old hotel where you will see the signposts. This is also the start of the Grotto hike via Barry's grave. This hike winds all along the river. There are two waterfalls you encounter. The first is small and the pathway leads up the right or the left next to the fall. The second is much larger and here it appears that you have reached the end of the road. However, on the right of the fall there is a pathway which leads up to the top of the ridge then turn back to the right and eventually it gets you way above the valley with a beautiful view of the peaks and the valley.

** Van Damms Cascades. A good path leads around the Grotto and Ndema forest to the Cascades. It circuits to return via Barry's Grave. Allow 5-6 hours walking time. After visiting the Cascades, you may return directly via the Grotto.

** Steilberg. Half a days hike to the top of the Steilberg with views of the Northern Berg. You can either take in Jacobs Ladder to the north or Hlatikulu Nek to the south.

** Other hikes. From Emfuleni it is a short drive to Monks Cowl Forestry Station. From here it is possible to hike to the top of the Little Berg, via Crystal Falls and the Sphinx.

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